If you've ever found yourself Googling "how to dress like breakfast for Halloween," chances are good you've seen pictures of a couple wearing coordinated bacon and egg Halloween costumes. And though you could just buy the set of pre-made costumes online, you run the risk of looking like every other sucker at the party that needed a last-minute couples costume. But with a little bit of hot glue, a lot of felt, and about 30 minutes, you can make your own breakfast costumes for you and your BFF (or boo, if you're not single). Did we mention they're cheap? We made these for less than $10 each.

You also don't need a ton of crafting experience to make these bacon and egg costumes. If you can cut shapes out of felt and use a hot glue gun, you'll be set. You don't even have to worry about making perfect cuts because you're working with relatively abstract shapes; that means there's quite a lot of flexibility (read: room for error) in the design.

Whether you're looking for an easy costume for a party, or something you can comfortably wear to the office on Halloween, these bacon and egg costumes are the perfect DIY breakfast Halloween costume for anyone who loves that first meal of the day.

DIY Egg Costume



  1. Take a piece of yellow felt, and lightly draw a circle in the middle as a guide. Cut 1/2-inch long slits around the circle.

  2. Glue the slits onto the center of the white t-shirt with the hot glue gun to make a little yellow pouch of felt. Be sure to leave one side of the felt pouch open. Don't worry about making it a perfect circle.

  3. Stuff the yellow felt pouch with tissue paper to make it more bulbous, like a yolk. Once the yellow felt pouch is sufficiently round, glue the remaining slits onto the white t-shirt with the hot glue gun.

  4. Take a piece of tan felt, and place it over the yolk. Using a permanent marker, trace a yolk-shaped blob around the yolk. Cut it out, leaving a hole for the yolk, and glue it to the white t-shirt, on top of the yolk. This border will make the yolk appear more yolk-like, as well as help hide any mistakes.

  5. Cut out a small crescent of white felt, then hot glue the shape onto the yolk to give it a little extra shine.

DIY Bacon Costume



  1. Cut out bacon-shaped strips from the felt. The lighter brown felt should look like the main strips of fat, while the brown, white, and pink felt strips are accents. (Our designer Lauren Kolm recommends looking at a picture of bacon to get a sense of what these strips should look like, but you can't really go wrong with wiggly lines.)

  2. Arrange the colored felt strips on the red t-shirt in overlapping layers. Then attach the felt strips to the shirt with hot glue.

  3. Repeat these steps on the red baseball cap.

  4. Walk into that Halloween party and sizzle.