Maybe you're a fan of Montreal bagels, while your boo prefers good, old New York-style bagels (or perhaps one of you even thinks the best bagel is in Virginia). Even if you two can't agree on which bagel is best, you can probably agree that making a DIY bagel and lox costume for you and your bae-gel is a great idea. It's the perfect Halloween costume for a duo on a budget that also loves breakfast. And although making a bagel from scratch is a labor-intensive process, making this homemade Halloween couples costume is fairly straightforward. The only crafting skills you'll need are the ability to cut foam board, use spray paint, and attach things with a hot glue gun—and you definitely don't need lye to make this bagel costume a success.

The best part for a bagel fanatic might be that this DIY couples costume will make you smell like bagels all night long, because you'll be using real everything bagel seasoning. You can get a 30-ounce jug of the stuff for $18 on Amazon, which means that even once Halloween is over, you can still make everything taste like, well, everything bagels. (We unfortunately couldn't find a way to make the lox smell like lox, but that's probably in everyone's best interest.)

So if you love bagels as much as your bae, here's how to make a DIY bagel and lox couples costume.

Everything Bagel Half with Cream Cheese



  1. Place the two pieces of foam board together and draw a giant circle with a pencil, aiming to put one half of the bagel on each sheet of foam board. Then draw a smaller circle in the middle. Using a box cutter or X-Acto knife, cut out the two halves of your bagel. Attach with hot glue, and reinforce with tape on one side, if necessary.

  2. Once you have your bagel shape laid out, it's time to paint. Start with a base layer of tan or light brown spray paint. Then use the brown spray paint on the edges of the bagel, to imitate toasting.

  3. While the spray paint is drying, take sheets of white tissue paper, and cut them into strips with rounded edges. These will be the cream cheese, sticking out of the back.

  4. When the paint is dried, flip the bagel over, and use hot glue to attach the pieces of white tissue paper onto the unpainted side, making sure that they're peeking out from the edges. Then, flip the bagel back over, spray on the spray adhesive on the painted side, and sprinkle everything seasoning on your bagel.

  5. Poke two holes into the top of your everything bagel, and pull a piece of yarn or string through. Adjust to a comfortable height, then tie the string.

Bagel Half with the Works



  1. Prepare the bagel shape as you did with the everything bagel, including tracing, cutting, and painting. The biggest difference is that you will not be adding everything seasoning on the top or cream cheese on the back.

  2. While the spray paint on the bagel dries, start prepping the bagel toppings. Cut wiggly strips of white tissue paper for the cream cheese. To make the slices of red onion, cut thin circles out of the dark purple and light purple pieces of paper using a box cutter; our designer Lauren Kolm recommends using different sizes of cups and bowls to help you get clean cuts and the right shape. For the lox, cut straggly strips of pink paper, then, using the white paint, paint V-shaped stripes onto the pieces.

  3. Once your bagel is dry and your toppings are prepped, use the hot glue gun to attach everything to the bagel. Start with the piece of white tissue paper as a base of cream cheese. Then arrange the pieces of lox, then glue to the bagel. Add the red onion slices, layering the smaller dark purple circles over the larger light purple circles. Finally, glue on the green pom-poms like capers.

  4. As with the everything bagel half, poke two holes in at the top of the bagel with the works, and pull through a piece of yarn. Adjust until the bagel fits comfortably around your neck and tie.