There are many, many times in my life when I think to myself, "There should be a word for that experience." And over the past year, there have been more times when that thought has occurred at the breakfast table. Maybe it's just because I work for Extra Crispy, but I imagine it's because, usually, when this meal occurs, I'm still sleepy and just reacquainting myself with the world. As a result, every sensation is a little bit more sensational: You notice more things, period, and notice things more intensely. The delightful things are that much more delightful, and the annoying things are that much more annoying. 

We've talked a lot about the importance of language here, from the many different meanings of the German word "kummerspeck," to the misnomer of nut milks, to the implications of different culture's words about breakfast. It's a big deal: Being able to sum up a whole experience in just one word is some kind of super power. But it's also really hard to do! 

So we combined forces with illustrator Lucas Adams to come up with some examples of everyday breakfast situations that make us wish there was one word to sum it up. Like, that particular taste in your mouth when you swig orange juice after brushing your teeth. Or the satisfaction of getting exactly the right cereal-to-milk ratio. Don't you wish there was a word for when you end up making scrambled eggs because you messed up the omelet?

I really, really do.