We've done a lot with bacon at Extra Crispy: we've made a bacon football; we've used it in pie; we've eaten way, way too much of it (and yes, there is such a thing as too much bacon). But one thing we haven't done with it is write with it. Lucky for us, Oscar Mayer is launching a font made from bacon so we can all shout from the rooftops how much we love America's favorite meat with America's favorite meat. In addition to the font, Oscar Mayer also created an online generator that allows you to type a message and convert it into one made of sizzling strips of bacon. 

After you type your bacon messages—or "baconversations," as Oscar Mayer says—into the online generator, you "cook your video" to create the video that shows your message assembling. You can post your bacon-gram on Facebook, or download to share with anyone you'd like. 

This is, of course, is a prime (meat) opportunity to capitalize on some wordplay as you're bacon your way into someone's heart via a sizzling font. Keep in mind, though, the generator only allows for 16 characters, so you may have to get creative. I apologize in advance for these suggestions:

"Greasy does it."   

"You're my bae-con." 

"Ham it up." 

To start your own baconversation, head over to Oscar Mayer and make that porky magic happen.