Ah, Spam. It’s the preserved meat you either love or hate. Even if you’re not a fan, or have never even tried it, you can probably still recognize a can of the stuff from a mile away. Whether the taste is to your liking or not, you can’t deny that the packaging is memorable—that rectangular can with the rounded corners and yellow lid, a bold yellow logo in a retro-looking font shining bright on a blue label—and that iconic design makes for some pretty unforgettable pieces of Spam memorabilia. And for those who are into Spam for the form more than the flavor, you’re in luck, because there is a whole Spam Store at your disposal.

Turns out that this humble can has inspired literally hundreds of pieces of breakfast meat swag, some of them more practical than others, but all of them delightful in their own way. You can find  a gift for any Spam enthusiast in your life, no matter what age or interest. If your dad loves sports and Spam, there’s a gift for him. Best friend has a taste for breakfast meat and is pregnant? You’ve got something for the baby shower. 

Some of the items in the Spam Store are designed to help you make the most of your Spam, while others just exist to make you look good. If you’re looking for a place to start, here are 23 of the best, and most absurd, items from the Spam Store.

Camouflage Baseball Cap

According to the Spam Store, this camouflage baseball cap is, “A must for every hunter!”

Porcelain Ornament

Perfect if you’ve been looking for a little something extra to spruce up your Christmas tree.

Classic Bucket Hat

The ‘90s are hip again, and I can’t think of a better way to capitalize on the trend than by wearing a navy blue Spam bucket hat.

Tennis Balls

Playing tennis with Spam-branded tennis balls is probably safer than playing tennis with cans of Spam.

Can Earrings

These handmade earrings dress up any little black dress.

Flip Flops

The Spam logo is stamped out of the bottom of these flip flops, so when you walk through sand in these bad boys, you’ll leave a trail of Spam logos in your wake.

Wine Glass

The only thing that would go better than white wine and Spam is white wine in a Spam-branded wine glass and Spam.

Wine Charms

If you don’t want to buy all new Spam-branded glassware but still want your fellow winos to know you love Spam, these these Spam wine charms.

Air Fresheners

It is still unclear to me if these air fresheners smell like Spam or just look like Spam.

Lip Balm

This lip balm is not Spam-scented. Instead, it smells like vanilla.

Spammy Jammies

These bright pink Spammy PJs feature the character Spammy, the first Spam mascot who looks like a giant blue can of Spam.

Baby Romper

It’s never too early to dress your kid in Spam, even if they are too young to actually eat it.

Three-Legged Pig

This little three-legged pig is also available for sale at the Spam Shop, I think because it brings good luck.

Spam Slicer

Use this device to cut a whole can of Spam into nine slices.

Hello Kitty Musubi Kit

Spam musubi is a popular Hawaiian snack, made by stacking rice and Spam and wrapping it with seaweed. This kit lets you make your own Hello Kitty-themed Spam musubi, which is way cuter.

Bike Jersey

Become a human, moving billboard with this Spam bike jersey.


If you’re looking to gussy up a ratty old pair of sneakers, throw some Spam shoelaces on them for instant swag.

Can Costume

Look no further for the perfect meat-based Halloween costume.

Golf Bag

I cannot reiterate how well Spam pairs with sporting events, according to the Spam Store.

Bowling Shirt

I would definitely join a bowling league if it meant I got to wear this Spam bowling shirt every week.


Take your backyard game of cornhole to the next level with Spamtoss.

Fly Swatter

Protect your Spam from errant bugs with this fly swatter.


You can make a banjo from an empty can of Spam and then play it. This is a real thing.