Somehow mugs became the unofficial gift of Father's Day, especially for dads who love breakfast. You know the kind of mug: it usually contains drip coffee, and has a dad joke on the side. They are the collection of funny mugs that usually live alongside ironic beer glasses and various novelty ice trays. All in all, father's day trinkets usually cater to dad stereotypes: grilling, books about presidents, mahogany book shelves, and sports. You might not agree based on your own experiences, but the "dorky dad" is a common trope in pop culture that many retailers are capitalizing on. 

Unlike all the children around the world who celebrate Father's Day, the internet seems to know what to get dad for father's day and it's another mug. That might seem mundane, or you may have given him a dad-themed mug in years past, but let's face it, he doesn't need another put put set for his office, he doesn't need another book on the economy, and you can't afford a money clip. We are here for your jokey dad mug needs, so we took to the internet and found a few mugs that suit all stereotypes of dads. You're welcome (sorry, dad).

Funny Dad

Har har. (Don't worry he won't be offended. This joke is dad-friendly.)

Golfer Dad

Does your dad love golf? He might already have a put put set for the office, or the bathroom, but he probably doesn't have one for his coffee!

Corny Dad

This would be especially apt if your dad's name is Adam.

Perfect Dad Bod Dad

No shame in aspiring to a dad bod.

Dad of Daughters

If you are a daughter, you hear him telling friends, neighbors, and really anyone who will listen that he survived having daughters, but he should count himself lucky (and he knows it).

Gassy Dad

Your dad probably laughs at his own farts.

Irreplaceable Dad

Sometimes expressing your feelings are hard, which is why mugs are ideal.

Dad With Clear Favorites

You're the favorite child and everyone knows it, even your siblings. 

Patient Dad

Exhibit A: You're the clear favorite.

Republican Dad

Most of us seem to have republican dads, it's like the default setting. So you're just saying what he's thinking, doesn't mean you're going to listen. When have you ever anyways?

Scary Dad

Honestly, the least scary dads would love this mug. They'd probably chuckle every time they take a sip as if everyone around them doesn't know how soft they are. 

Realistic Dad

Nothing says a mature relationship like brutal honesty, isn't that what dad always said?