Food at America’s National Parks is likely the best it's ever been. There’s everything from steaks and seafood at the high-end hotels to hot dogs spinning in rollers, sandwiches, hamburgers, and pizza in the food courts. But no matter how much great food the National Park Service offers, the most important meal of the day at the parks is the one in between breakfast, lunch, and dinner: snacking. Nothing helps you make it through hikes, guided tours, and rafting trips like a good snack.

During a two-week National Parks road trip I saw snacking that was as diverse as the people on the trails. I photographed a family enjoying wine and cheese just below Yosemite Falls; a mom and her son eating cereal in front of General Sherman Tree; a couple feeding their dog trail mix while under Sequoias on the Congress Trail; and many other fine snacking folks.

While it’s basically impossible to go hungry while visiting the National Parks, be sure you never hit the trails without packing some serious snacks to keep you going when that four-mile hike seems much longer than you expected.