We all know one person who can’t function without iced coffee. It’s the blood in their veins, the oxygen in their lungs… you get the idea. They make it known that no one should speak to them before their first sip. So when it comes time for holiday shopping, it only makes sense to give them gifts for iced coffee lovers. These gifts contribute to their lives by making it easy to brew homemade iced coffee. It certainly beats standing in line at the local Starbucks. In other cases, the gifts on this list simply make drinking iced coffee more fun. Everyone needs at least one sassy mug or tote bag in their life, after all.  

You can take things up a notch by pairing an iced coffee gift with a complimentary item. Things like breakfast-themed socks and Christmas food ornaments are festive and far from boring. Breakfast cookbooks will lead to morning experiments. And then there are general coffee gifts like subscriptions and coffee pots. You have choices, people.

If you’re not sure what the recipient already owns, don’t hesitate to ask. Just make sure they’ve had their iced coffee first.

Soapstone Ice Cubes

While soapstone ice cubes are typically used for whiskey, they can be a game changer for iced coffee. These clever cubes will keep a beverage cool without diluting it. Awesome.

Handmade Soapstone Rock Ice Cubes, $13.95, etsy.com

Metal Straws

For the tree-hugging iced coffee enthusiast, these reusable metal straws are a must-have. See you never, plastic straws.

Sipwell Stainless Steel Drinking Straws, $6.95, amazon.com

Coffee Candle

The only thing that's better than drinking iced coffee is drinking it in a room that smells like iced coffee. Obviously.

Starbucks Iced Coffee Scented Candle, $18, etsy.com

Cold Brew Bean Bags

Making cold brew has never been easier thanks to these bean bags. This pack of 12 is enough to yield 36 cups of New Orleans-style brew.

Grady's Cold Brew Bean Bags, $28.49, amazon.com

Coffee Bean Ice Cube Tray

Coffee ice cubes taste better when they're in the shape of coffee beans. It's a fact.

Cool Beans Iced Coffee Bean Ice Cube Tray, $12.99, caffeineaddicts.com

Sassy Mug

Because cynical iced coffee lovers need mugs, too.

Iced & Black White Coffee Mug, $18, etsy.com

Iced Coffee Maker

For the iced coffee enthusiast that wants to use specific grounds, an iced coffee maker will save the day.

Zoku Iced Coffee Maker, $29.99, bedbathandbeyond.com 

Cheeky Tote Bag

Honesty is the best policy.

Tote bag, $19.17, redbubble.com