After a long, hard winter, summer is finally making a reluctant debut. Soon we will all be complaining about the sweltering heat and our sweaty commutes, and you might even wish for the dreary winter weather. But remember that with summer comes beach trips, days in the park, barbecues, pool days, and, of course, fruity, summer cocktails. What better way to celebrate the long days and warm sun than by making summer cocktails that are ideal for outdoor sipping? While we love our margaritas, daiquiris, and piñas, there are only so many ways to put twists on them. Those summer cocktail standbys are certainly still refreshing, but they've also gotten a little tired.

What you need to do this summer is put away the store-bought mixes and try some entirely new and creative cocktails that are still easy. So whether you want to pretend you're fancy and turn your drink into a popsicle or throw some booze in your cold brew and call it something fun, the easiest way to make your brunch party or pool-side hangout better is with a trendy summer cocktail that everyone and their mother isn't already drinking—we're looking at you frosé. Plus, drinking alone is more acceptable when you're drinking iced coffee right? 


What's better than a Slurpee in the summer?

My Morning Jacket

Yes, you can have tequila with breakfast. And yes, you will love it.

Instant Karma Fizz

This masterful egg white cocktail is fruity, boozy, and basically just brunch in a glass.

Thai Iced Tea Cocktail

Thai iced tea is equal parts rich and refreshing, and somehow even better with vodka.

Drambuie Swizzle

Move aside, iced coffee. Drambuie is here.

Cold Brew Mai Tai

Trust us, it's even better with rum.

Honey Buzz Milk Punch

The only thing better than drinking cereal milk is getting a buzz from it.

Tomato Beet Bloody Mary Pop

Alcoholic popsicles are the best popsicles.

Greek Yogurt and Blueberry Cocktail

Skip the parfait and have a drink.

The Texas Special

Bourbon for breakfast because it's (kind of) healthy for you, OK?

Micheladas for Many

Finally, what's summer without throwing a brunch party for friends? Micheladas are cheap and easy.