It's that time of year again, when you drag yourself, sweating, into your favorite coffee shop every morning looking, desperately, for iced coffee. Baristas have scoopers poised over the ice, cold brew is made in large batches, and for the next however many months, you won't know the pleasure of fully dissolved sugar. By now, iced coffee season is finally upon us. It's not secret that you don't get your money's worth at a cafe, so you just suffer quietly at home with your store-bought iced coffee. Or maybe you brew hot coffee and just accept the consequences of pouring it over a cup of ice. Maybe you are one of those organized people that makes coffee the night before and refrigerates it over night so you don't have half a cup of melted ice. Or maybe you make your own cold brew with a nifty machine or the old fashioned way. However you get your cold coffee fix, coffee over ice gets a bit tedious. 

On top of that, very few people have the capacity, or the patience, to whip up an espresso every morning just to watered it down with ice and bit of milk and call it an iced latte. There might seem like there is no hope for the effort to make good iced coffee, but don't worry, we've got your back. From condensed milk, to avocados, to alcohol (maybe save those recipes for the weekend), there are so many great iced coffee recipes that will make your day. So, grab your mason jars, hold onto your hats, and make these iced coffees.

Avocado Iced Coffee

This probably sounds more gross than an avolatte, but it's actually delicious. Promise. It's even better frozen.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Sweetened condensed milk is the answer to your coffee prayers (cold or hot).

Cold Brew Mai Tai

This caffeinated mai tai is technically a mocktail, but we're not saying it wouldn't be delicious with rum.

Coffee Negroni

Campari is absolutely a breakfast beverage. 

Iced Irish Coffee Cocktail

Don't forget the whipped cream.

Long Island Iced Coffee

We couldn't let tea have all the fun.

Drambuie Swizzle

This is the best brunch drink. Fo swizzle.

Espresso and OJ

This sounds even worse than the avocado, but it's actually super refreshing.

Frozen Monkey

Who could say no to banana liquor?