Finding a coffee-lover a coffee-related gift they don’t already own and may actually find useful can be tricky. This gift guide will give you ideas for unique coffee gifts we bet the caffeine-cravers in your life don’t already have. Gift these items solo or suck it up and buy a pound of their favorite $18 fair-trade blend to round out the present. Your caffiend friend deserves it.

A Coffeemaker That Brews Way Faster (But Still Isn’t a Pod Machine)

For your friend who always wants to get coffee into their system faster, this Krups machine brews 35 percent faster than the average coffeemaker. This machine is perfect for those who just can’t bear to buy a pod brewer.
Target, $79.99 (currently $59.99)

A Hat That Blends Pop Culture and Coffee

This site features t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and mugs with coffee-inspired phrases over familiar logos, like “Caffeine & Friends,” “In Search of Coffee,” and “Exploration." While browsing As of Latte you'll find something for every coffee-loving friend, from sitcom fans to science-lovers. The startup also makes a variety of flavored coffee beans, including a Stranger Things-inspired blend.
As of Latte, $29.99

An Extract to Make Baked Goods Taste Like Coffee

I love it when baked goods taste like my cup of French roast. This extract can be used in the same way as vanilla, almond, or peppermint flavoring—and it’s especially wonderful in whipped cream with a splash of bourbon., $16.07

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A Chic Metallic Coffee Scoop (and Clip)

At first glance, a brassy coffee scoop may seem superfluous, but as someone who’s used the same orange plastic spoon that came with a tin of novelty beans for the past two years, I'll tell you that a classier utensil is a solid gift. Plus, this one is fashioned with a clamp to attach itself to the coffee bag, so you’ll never lose it.
The Line, $11

A Le Creuset French Press

You can’t go wrong with buying anyone something from Le Creuset, and this French press is no different. The stoneware press comes in colors from rich purple (Pantone’s pick for 2018) to millennial pink, and everything in between.
Le Creuset, $50

A Contextual Guide to Coffee

From coffee beans’ discovery on a hill in ancient Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) to the launch of Starbucks to the Fair Trade movement, Uncommon Grounds gives coffee culture a comprehensive historical context. Not only is it a great book to hunker down with on a chilly afternoon, it’s a must-read for those who constantly spend money on coffee. 
Amazon, $17.96

A Coffee Grounds Body Scrub 

Coffee is excellent for the skin. I’m not talking about your morning latte—I mean literally rubbing grounds on your body. While a DIY coffee scrub is easy enough, Frank’s blend of super-highly caffeinated coffee grounds, vitamin E, sea salt, and almond oil will exfoliate, moisturize, and stimulate blood flow all at once. Plus, you can take a picture of yourself covered in the scrub and the team may post it on their Instagram.
Frank Body, $16.95

A Roasted-to-Order Coffee Subscription


For the friend who loves trying new blends, a Crema subscription may be the way to go. Your giftee can curate their ideal beans by selecting roast level and flavor profiles, so there’s no way you’ll get them something they won’t like. Accompany the subscription with a mug if you really want to win the holidays.
Crema, about $25/bag