Sure, there are a million ways to decorate a Christmas tree with food. But traditional edible garnishes like popcorn garlands, cranberry strands, and dangling candy canes are only good for a few days… and then there’s that issue of, you know, the small, furry animals that like to feed on edible decor? The best food Christmas ornaments last a lifetime without rotting, and will enable you to remove those ethical mouse traps from your Christmas wish list! 

Immortalize your love for breakfast foods by purchasing these reusable and unique christmas tree ornaments this year. They’ll make a delicious addition to your tree or the perfect present for any breakfast-lover. These food-themed Christmas ornaments are ideal for that special someone in your life who loves bacon and eggs more than Ron Swanson (if humanly possible).

Glass, ceramic, and felt ornaments are all included here—and, delightfully, at pretty affordable prices, too. Did I mention that you can pick ‘em all up online… which means avoiding holiday crowds? We’ll drink to that. Prep a mug of homemade hot chocolate, sing some carols, and decorate your tree with these food-themed Christmas ornaments.

Packaged Bacon

The fat is glittery, which seems fitting since that’s the most magical part.
Packaged Bacon Glass Ornament, $13.96,

Red Holiday Cup

After all, ‘tis the season for red cups. Spread holiday cheer and your passion for great coffee.
Red Holiday Cup Ornament, $7.95,


A set of four doughnut ornaments that look too delicious to share.
Doughnut Ornament Set, $14,

Breakfast Egg-in-Toast

Egg-in-a-hole, egg-in-a-basket, egg-in-a-nest—who cares? Regardless of what you call it, it’s truly a beautiful thing.
Breakfast Egg in Toast Christmas Ornament, $18,

Avocado Toast

Holler if this is everything you avo wanted.
Avocado Toast Glass Ornament, $13.96,

Handmade Croissant

If this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen, I don't know what is.
Handmade Croissant Ornament, $8,

Breakfast Sandwich

This sparkly, toasted English muffin is stuffed with egg, ham, and cheese. Yum.
Breakfast Sandwich Ornament, $19.99,

Bacon and a Fried Egg

The classic breakfast combo appears in felt.
Bacon and Fried Egg Felt Ornaments, $25,

Short Stack

Three pancakes are stacked and drowned in maple syrup. Who in her right mind could say no to that
Short Stack of Pancakes Christmas Ornament, $13.99,

S'mores Cup Of Cocoa

Yup, here’s a marshmallow snowman casually chilling in a bath of hot cocoa.
S'mores Cup Of Cocoa Ornament, $6.99,

Blueberry Scone

This very berry beautiful ornament was mouth-blown and hand-painted in Poland.
Blueberry Scone Glass Ornament, $13.96,


This single strip of bacon will stop any breakfast-lover’s heart.
Noble Gems Bacon Ornament by Kurt Adler, $15.99,

Personalized Coffee Cup

This spin of off the classic Starbucks cup allows you to add any coffee-lover's name for a personal touch.
Personalized Coffee Cup Ornament, $9.99,

Maple Syrup

“I do not like maple syrup,” said no one ever.
Pure Maple Syrup Ornament, $20.99,

Waffle with Blueberries

“Waffles are just awesome bread.” ―John Green
Waffle with Blueberries, $15.97,

Lox and Bagel

What's better than a classic New York bagel? This ceramic ornament.
Lox & Bagel Ceramic Ornament, $13.70,


These three doughnuts are multicolored and bedazzled with sprinkles and hearts.
Kurt Adler Noble Gems Glass Donut Ornament, $29.97,

Cinnamon Roll

You can’t buy love, but you can buy a sweet and sugary cinnamon roll for your tree.
Cinnamon Roll Glass Old World Christmas Ornament, $13.28,

Breakfast Love

Bacon and eggs sit on a waffle, and glittery chives are sprinkled on top.
Breakfast Love Christmas Ornament, $20,

Full English Breakfast

Gift a full fry up without the stress or mess.
Full English Breakfast Ceramic Ornament, $12.95,

Hot Sauce

Now, you can hang hot sauce on your tree. Swag.
Kurt Adler "Hot Sauce" Blow Mold Ornament, $6.94,

Silver Coffee Pot and Toaster 

Celebrate breakfast with a set of appliances that make morning magic happen.
Silver Coffee Pot and Toaster Retro Look Holiday Christmas Ornaments, $15.31,

Rice Krispies

Give these three elves time to shine.
Snap™, Crackle™ & Pop™ Rice Krispies® Cereal Ornament, $15.95,

Eggs Benedict

When you wake up and look at the tree, you’ll instantly crave an eggs Benny. Sorry not sorry.
Eggs Benedict Christmas Ornament, $16.95,