Whether you are a bonafide meal-prepper and got too egg-happy at the store, or dyed a hundred for the Easter Bunny to hide, there is always a solution to your hard-boiled egg problems. Hard-boiled eggs keep very well, so in the aftermath of Easter festivities many people find themselves eating too many egg salads, deviled eggs, egg sandwiches, and even plain hard-boiled eggs. Even perfectly hard-boiled eggs, like anything, can get really tiresome after a week. 

But hard-boiled egg recipes don’t have to be boring and only accompanied by salt and mayonnaise. There are a lot of Asian and Southeast Asian dishes that feature hard-boiled eggs, for example. Salvador Dalí found a way to make them weird. Here are some decidedly not boring recipes that you can make with all of your extra hard-boiled eggs

Tacos Placeros

As much as we love runny yolk, we have to admit that when you're trying to eat breakfast on the go sticky, orange yolk dripping down your hands and onto your nice work clothes is less than ideal. Luckily, the answer is simple and faster: hard-boiled eggs (and you can even cook them the night before to save time).

Thai-Style Eggs

Thai-style anything is bound to be delicious, so you shouldn't be surprised that these crispy little street-food inspired eggs are exactly what you wanted for breakfast.


The fusion of two cuisines almost always yields some great food, and this Anglo-Indian rice dish is no exception. It's way better than the oatmeal you had planned, scout's honor.

Jewish Deli Finger Food

If you're planning on hosting a brunch or just feeling like treating yourself, these fancy little fish rolls are the carb-y answer to your sushi lust. 

Goose Eggs

It's no secret that Salvador Dalí was an odd duck, or goose, but you may not know that he was obsessed eggs. We certainly can't blame him for that. These fried hard-boiled eggs are positively surreal.  


America doesn't exactly have a great relationship with Russia right now, but that's no reason to deprive yourself of this traditional Russian New Year's dish that's basically just glorified egg salad. 

Pickled Eggs

Pickling eggs might seem difficult, but it's actually really easy if you have some pickle juice lying around. 

Instant Ramen with Hard-Boiled Eggs 

Whether or not you are still in college, instant ramen will always have a special place in our hearts. When you are in a rush, or running out of money, heat up some microwave noodles and throw an egg or two on it. 

Loaded Bloody Marys

Bloody marys are the ultimate brunch drink and hangover cure in one. Some people complain that bloody marys alone are like a meal, and to them we say: Brunch isn't brunch unless eggs are involved. 

Turn Them into Grated Cheese

OK, so you can't literally turn eggs into cheese unless you're Jesus or something. But you can grate hard-boiled eggs onto everything, like salad and pasta, for a super healthy protein punch.