The last thing anyone wants in the morning is a depressing breakfast. I get it. Fried eggs can be boring. Scrambled eggs are passé. But eggs are cheap, easy, and healthy. You shouldn’t, nay, you can’t give up on eggs. Eggs for breakfast is a timeless classic, and no one's trying to talk shit about eggs here. But sometimes you want something new. The good news is there are loads of tantalizing egg recipes out there waiting to be discovered, and I've rounded up some that will teach you how to make eggs exciting again. Egg-in-a-doughnut? Absolutely. Delicate eggs en cocette? Yes. Breakfast pasta? Hell yes. Here are 19 new and unusual egg recipes to get you out of your scrambled rut.

Eggs Benedict Totchos

I'm not sure you really need much more of an explanation beyond this is a bowl of tater tots and Canadian bacon topped with a soft, fluffy poached egg. 

Prosciutto Egg Cups

These little egg cups only take 15 minutes to make and they're like a whole plate of breakfast in one juicy little bite.

Son-in-Law Eggs

Crispy, tangy, salty, deep-fried... it's pretty easy to understand why you should be eating these Thai-style eggs on a stick. 


This Turkish breakfast is everything I love to eat in one bowl: yogurt, eggs, garlic, and butter.

Baked Tamagoyaki

Have you ever seen square eggs? Me either. Time for an Instagram.

Brains and Eggs

I'm sure you've heard that eggs are brain food...

Breakfast Pasta

Breakfast pasta is the mash-up to end all food mash-ups. Duh, it's pasta. It's also a bit more appetizing looking than brains and eggs. 

Adjaruli Khachapuri

These beautiful little Georgian bread boats are filled with cheese and eggs. They are the purest form of breakfast magic.



Eggs en Cocette

The yolkier cousin to your favorite shakshuka.

Extra Crispy Fried Eggs

I know I said no fried eggs, but this extra crispy sunny-side wonder is worth the caveat. 

Cured Yolks

These are the fastest overnight, to-go breakfast you've ever had. 

Dan Bing

Meet the Taiwanese street food that's healthier, tangier, and faster than your favorite breakfast burrito.

Egg Clouds

All it takes to achieve these morning miracles is two ingredients and 15 minutes. Scout's honor.

Tomago Gohan

Don't be afraid to eat a raw egg. It's so so good.

Avocado Egg-in-a-Hole

You'll never go back to mashed avocados.

Egg Dumplings

This recipe is involved, but take your time and it won't disappoint. Neither will the leftovers. 

Coddled Eggs

Coddling is the just the fancy way to poach an egg. Noses up, antiques at the ready.

Oatmeal Congee

This porridge is the answer to your cold-morning prayers and goes just as well with your sick day woes.