One year ago today, the servers at Time Inc.’s Brooklyn office lit up. They grumbled for a while, and then released a thick cloud of smoke. The smoke smelled like maple syrup, and people as far away as the Waffle House in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, could smell the syrup smell. It made them hungry for more waffles. They figured it was just New York being New York again. But no. This time, it was the birth of a special new website. A website all about breakfast. Extra Crispy launched on June 1, 2016, and like Crunch Berries and Jimmy Dean Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick, it was a true American original. As a new kid on the food-internet block, it was met with Wait, what? and How? But its smart, eclectic mix of features and videos quickly converted skeptics into adoring fans—even people who don't eat or care about breakfast.

In its first year, Extra Crispy famously searched for and hired a bacon critic. Scott Gold impressed us with his thorough research and bacon-tasting skills, and he recently ended his tenure with a monster of a feature on the best bacon in the country. We stacked pancakes on Facebook Live. We coined Troll Toast. For whatever reason, we did this. And this. We made some of our favorite chefs do weird stuff on camera, like this and this. Oh, and we’re throwing our second annual BreakFestival in Brooklyn on June 10, and you should definitely come. 

Since Day 1, Extra Crispy has published hundreds of stories and videos. It’s difficult to say what our favorites are. We love all of our babies equally! Some editors are 3-in-1 fanatics, while others are more into diner slang or coffee shops. But since we’ve been alive for exactly one year, it's only right and proper to look back into the archives and give the people want they want: the hits. You should always play the hits. Here, in no order, is a hit parade of sorts from Extra Crispy’s first year. 



WTF Is a Crumpet? by Alex Tepper

Fried Rice Is the Breakfast of the Gods by Jeff Gordinier

Slogging Along the LA Wellness Breakfast Trail by Jamie Feldmar

The Time I Thought I Invented Smoothies by Chris Offutt 

Why Breakfast Sucks in Washington, D.C. by Jennifer Steinhauer

51 of the Best Doughnut Shops in America by Various Contributors

The City Where Barbacoa Comes From by Michael Snyder 

Mitski Loves Tea More Than You Do by Alex Tepper and Lauren Kolm

Brunch Drink Order of Operations Is Math You Really Need by Margaret Eby

6 Tips for Making Crispy Potatoes Every Time by Allison Robicelli

The Vegan Chain That Might Be a Cult by Morgan Childs

Pop-Tarts Are Flammable, So We Set Some on Fire by Shelby Pope

Instant Pot Lemons Are Basically Candy by Kat Kinsman

Hippie Breakfast Is the Ultimate Comfort Food by Judy Berman 

Unicorn Is Not a Flavor by Meredith Turits

What’s the Difference Between a Welsh and an English Breakfast? by Maxine Builder

The Orange Juice Boycott That Changed America by John Birdsall

Greasing the Wheels of Egypt's Underground Bacon Trade by Adam Koppeser

The Case for Taylor Ham, New Jersey’s Beloved Mystery Meat by Jim Behrle

Brooklyn's Avocado Bar Ran Out of Avocados in Three Hours by Kate Welsh

Why Livermush Matters to North Carolina by Sheri Castle