Let's take a second and give the potato a round of applause. The humblest of all vegetables probably doesn't get enough credit for all the work that it does around the clock, but especially at the breakfast table. Infinitely versatile, white potatoes are just as good crispy as they are creamy, sliced as they are diced, and as a topping as they are the main event. Potatoes please even the pickiest of eaters, but can be dressed up enough to titillate the most discerning and adventurous ones. And to be honest, potato recipes are never, ever that hard to make—and to make well. 

Here are some ways to serve breakfast's most important vegetable: 

Super Easy Breakfast Pizza

Potatoes add some crunchy creaminess to this simple and delicious breakfast sandwich.  

Waffle Iron Hash Browns

Hash browns are good, but if you're a fan of crispy edges, waffle iron hash browns are even better.

Smiley Fries

This is basically the easiest way to get kids (or adults, for that matter) to eat their vegetables. 

Tater Tot-Crust Quiche 

A tater tot crust makes a sophisticated quiche way more fun.  

Potato Frittata 

You probably already have all the ingredients you need for this simple, delicious frittata. 

Eggs Benedict Totchos

What's better than breakfast nachos? Breakfast totchos.  

Fancy Home Fries

Delicious, diner-style home fries, all dressed up.  

Mashed Potato Egg Clouds

When you have leftover mashed potatoes, make hearty egg clouds to keep you full.  

Crosshatched Hasselback Potatoes

Put those knife skills to work and give potatoes the crispifying treatment they deserve.

Potato Rösti with Caviar and Cream

Take the advice to "Eat breakfast like a king" to heart, and make this indulgent potato pancake topped with crème fraîche and caviar. 

Darphin Potatoes

Darphin potatoes are basically the lovechild of hash browns and latkes. So yes, they are delicious.