Between their glorious orange hue, their sweetness, and their versatility, sweet potatoes deserve a place on your breakfast table. And that's even before we get to the fact that they're really, really good for you: packed with vitamins and potassium and fiber, they help fill you up well through lunch. Just like white potatoes, sweet potato recipes take advantage of the fact that the root vegetable can be transformed into everything from cake doughnuts to slabs of toast to, magically, a pretty solid Dorito dupe. 

For even more ideas about how to add sweet potatoes to your a.m. routine, take a look below. 

Sweet Potato Straws

Break out that spiralizer to spin sweet potatoes into gold. Or at least crispy, crunchy, spicy sweet potato straws, which is kind of the same thing.  

Sweet Potato Doughnuts

Lean into sweet potatoes' natural sweetness and turn them into cake doughnuts with an orange coconut glaze.  

Foil-Packet Sweet Potato Hash

This no-muss, no-fuss, protein-packed breakfast keeps you full through lunch... and gets you out of washing dishes.  

Sweet Potato Burritos

This breakfast burrito, packed with sweet potato, black beans, and avocado, is so good you won't even miss the meat.  

Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Hash

Well-spiced vegetable hash is made even better with at least one sunny-side-up egg on top of it.  

Sweet Potato Toast

If you're trying to eat less bread—or just trying to eat more vegetables—behold the genius that is sweet potato toast. Pile your favorite topping on a thick slice of the root vegetable, and let the deliciousness do the talking.  

Paleo Doritos

Sweet potatoes can stand in for even the most irreplaceable junk food. When you just need something that crunches, roast thin slices of sweet potato till crunchy and dust with magic "fauxrito" powder. 

Monster Hash

Monster hash is not just a graveyard smash. It would go over extremely well at a brunch party, too.