There's a really easy way to be an indisputable breakfast genius, and that is to prep things the night before. A lot of times though, that's cold stuff: overnight oats, say, or granola bars. Those are fine options, but as the days get colder, I can't help but crave something cozier. And that's where slow cooker recipes come in. If you toss the ingredients for your desired breakfast in the slow cooker before you go to bed, you can wake up to the sweet smell of custardy French toast, or mouthwatering sausage and tater tot casserole. 

A slow cooker makes a nice, sit-down breakfast possible, even on stressful mornings when whipping up some comforting congee or strata would seem truly insane to consider. 

For some ideas of how to make your busy mornings way better, take a look at these slow cooker breakfast recipes. 


Making granola in a slow cooker means you never have to worry about burning your oats—or turning your kitchen into a sauna.  

Short Rib Hash

Get creative with last nights beefy leftovers, and you've got yourself a beautiful (and super filling) breakfast. 

Oatmeal Congee

This cozy vegan bowl will warm you up from in the inside out, but won't weigh you down. 

Cheesy Cottage Potatoes

These cheesy potatoes are practically begging to be topped with a fried egg for a simple but elevated meal. 

Caramelized Onions

Did you know you could caramelize onions in the slow cooker? Your omelet game will never be the same. 

French Toast

This slow-cooker French toast is so custardy, it's more like bread pudding for breakfast. Not mad. 


If you cook this in the slow cooker overnight, you basically get to seem like Martha Stewart in the morning. A lazy, well-rested Martha Stewart. 

Sausage and Tater Tot Brunch Casserole

Picture this: You put all the ingredients in the slow cooker before you go out at night. You wake up hungover, and you have a tater tot casserole ready to cure all that ails you. Genius. 

Breakfast Potatoes

You could have cold cereal and yogurt again. Or you could do a little chopping the night before and end up with cheesy, stick-to-your-ribs breakfast potatoes. 

Eggs in Purgatory

This eggs in purgatory recipe is so good and so easy you may think you've died and gone to heaven.