Every now and then there comes a time when someone suggests doing a tequila shot at brunch. We commend that one person for their bravery. While the classic chaser for a tequila shot may be lime juice, we’d like to recommend sangrita instead. Sangrita is a bright mixture of classic breakfast juices (orange and tomato) with a bit of lime and a kick from hot sauce. Doesn’t that sound better than just sucking on a lime wedge?

If you’re not into straight tequila during the daytime, toss that shot (or even a shot of vodka instead) into a larger portion of sangrita over ice for a crisp mixed drink. The best part about sangrita? It’s completely nonalcoholic. So whether you’re drinking it as a chaser or a mocktail, it won’t disappoint.

Sangrita in Cucumber Shot Glasses

  • Yields: 10 ounces sangrita
  • Hands-On Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes



  1. Peel the cucumber in strips (or leave the peel on). Slice the rounded ends off the cucumbers and cut the remaining cucumber into 3-inch long pieces. Use a melon baller or a small spoon to scoop out most of the seeds, stopping about ½ inch from the bottom. Repeat with remaining cucumbers.

  2. In a glass measuring cup, mix together orange juice, tomato juice, lime juice, hot sauce, salt, and pepper. Taste, and add more salt, pepper, or lime juice to taste.

  3. Pour juice mixture into half of the cucumber shot glasses.

  4. Fill the other half of the cucumber shot glasses with tequila.

  5. Take a shot of tequila, then chase with sangrita.