New York City’s creative Indian restaurant Babu Ji is all about fun, hospitality, and comfort. In addition to their serving up classic Indian street foods, regional curries and tandoori-baked meats and fish, the team at Babu Ji is also addressing their own take on a breakfast classic. You may know chicken and waffles, but you’ve never had it like this. 

Green, red, orange, and yellow-colored waffle batters (naturally dyed with turmeric, beetroot, and spinach) are poured into the corners of a large round waffle iron and cooked until warm and puffy. Chicken tenders are coated in a spice-scented batter with green mango powder, fennel seed powder and crushed pomegranate seed powder, then fried until crisp. The chicken is tossed in an orange-maple glaze—like your favorite chicken wings, but sweeter—and ladled onto the colorful waffle along with fresh mint and a bit of coconut cream.