According to McSweeney's, the idea of Friendsgiving was born sometime around 2008. The holiday was a new way to eat a Thanksgiving meal and have many drinks with your chosen family. Friendsgiving means no drunk uncles, and no making the seven-hour trip to Grandma’s house for a two-hour meal.

Of course, you may not be able to scrounge up enough friends on actual Thanksgiving, so why not throw a Friendsgiving brunch the weekend before instead? Using all the classic Thanksgiving flavors and our sharp breakfast-obsessed minds, we’ve cooked up the ultimate brunch feast to share with your friends. 

We’re talking brioche stuffing-baked eggs, brown butter cornbread muffins, garlicky green beans, and DIY turkey sausage—because who actually wants to roast a turkey? Oh, and the best part: If you do all the cooking with a buddy or two, the whole meal can come together in less than two hours. How’s that for an easy Thanksgiving?

Friendsgiving Brunch

Hard Apple Cider Punch

There’s something about apple cider that just says “fall,” so we doubled up on the cider factor—both hard and bubbly—in this Friendsgiving cocktail.

Brioche Stuffing-Baked Eggs

Fill both the “eggs” and “stuffing” elements of your Friendsgiving brunch with this casserole.

Turkey, Apple, and Sage Breakfast Sausage

Let's be real: No one actually wants to cook a whole turkey on Thanksgiving, let alone for brunch. Instead, embrace the breakfast of it all and make DIY sausage.

Super-Garlicky Green Beans and Chard with Bacon

This riff on a classic green bean casserole has chard stems for confetti-like bursts of color and crunch throughout the dish.

Gluten-Free Brown Butter Cornbread Muffins

Pass these "accidentally gluten-free" cornbread muffins around, and use them to sop up anything extra on your plate. I hope I don’t need to remind you to slather them with butter.

Brown Sugar Waffles

A classic waffle recipe never needs much fussing over. But in this one, making the switch from white sugar to brown sugar is absolutely worth it.

Orange-Ginger Cranberry Compote

This garnet red compote gets gussied up with fresh-squeezed orange juice and zest for brightness. Maple syrup replaces sugar so it doesn’t come anywhere close to cloying.

Vegan Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Pudding Cups

Scoop up a big bite of this vegan sweet potato and pumpkin pudding and you’ll no longer feel the need to ask your host why there’s no pie.